E71. A Woman in Her Power

The old paradigms of power are over. Masculine driven and based only on results, this concept of power crushes everyone in the pursuit of success. The grind of this kind of power is exhausting and wildly unsustainable. Yet, for many of us it’s the only kind of power we’ve ever been shown.

What if we told you there’s another way? 

What if you could find within yourself a power that is confident, flowing and sustainable? A power that makes you feel strong in your voice and vision? A power that is not attached to outcomes, but attached to your truth? 


Welcome to The Femme Power Principles. 

The Femme Power Principles are 7 life changing principles that we have utilized in our own growth journeys. These principles have been key to allow us to grow in our power, and to create a container so that our power can be consistent, ever flowing, and dedicated to our truth. With these principles we have been able to step into power that feels effortless, free, and even fun, and with them we have grown past our wildest dreams.  

If you’re feeling called to rise into your power in a way that feels sustainable and aligned, then join us for our newest course - Femme Power Principles. This 7-day live course will allow you to connect with our energy live as we lead you toward growing in your power in a hyper charged way. 

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