The Femme Podcast

“How do you become the one in a sea of many, who stands out. Who has people hanging on?”

Welcome to episode 34 of The Femme Podcast!

Two seconds is all the time you have to intrigue your soul clients and make them want to stay. That’s why having a spectacular brand - a brand that excites, inspires, and leaves your dream clients on the edge of their seats - is so important. 

“You are a soul having a human experience.” 

Welcome to episode 33 of The Femme Podcast!

At 4am the portal opens and my channeling becomes the most potent. A few nights ago this poured out of me … it’s a message meant for you. 

“We have to be willing to dismantle everything that isn’t working so that both people are heard and held and fully expressed.” 

Welcome to episode 32 of The Femme Podcast

Today we’re inviting you in for an exclusive sneak peek into Day One of our newest program, The Lover and The Loved. Learn why it is so important to create a safe space for communication in your relationship, and get some incredible coaching on how torespond vs. reactto your partner.

“When you transform in your relationship, it allows the same transformation to happen rapidly in your business”

Welcome to episode 31 of The Femme Podcast!

Embracing the vibration of love in your relationship is the first step in a grand transformation that will touch every corner of your life. When you tap into the vibration of love, you extend it outwards to everyone around you.

“Even when it cracks your heart and breaks you into two, your experience can still be in the energy of love” 

Welcome to episode 30 of The Femme Podcast!

Your relationship is a mirror. It is a clear reflection of your triggers, your fears, and your beliefs of love. Today we invite you to take a deep look into that mirror, and ask yourself: What does love mean to me and what do Iwant love to mean to me? 

 “The Universe will show up for you and your desires so quickly.” 

Welcome to episode 29 of The Femme Podcast!

It’s the fifth anniversary of Jak’s spiritual smackdown, and in today’s riff she’s sharing a few of the lessons that she learned along that incredible journey.


“Things can happen to us and we can still remain whole.” 

Welcome to episode 28 of The Femme Podcast!

What would happen if you opened your heart and surrendered your trust to the Universe’s guiding hand? Because each life experience, whether it be exciting or painful or anywhere in between, it is part of your unique human journey through this life. By embracing this journey as being createdfor you, you can achieve the highest vibration. 

Welcome to episode 27 & the first 11 Minute Riff!

We have something brand new for you, wild women! Welcome to the 11 Minute Riff, a weekly episode where we set the timer for 11 minutes and riff on a topic that’s been coming up in the Femme world. 

In today’s riff we invite you to embrace the belief code that the universe is always conspiring in your favor. 

“You have the power to design your day.” 

Welcome to episode 26 of The Femme Podcast!

Leave the ‘to do list’ behind and step into your power, beautiful! Stop measuring yourself by what youdid today, and start embracingwho you were today. Free yourself from the expectations and ‘shoulds’ that don’t align with your soul’s desire, and allow your energy to lead. 

“If I am not tuned in and in wild flow then I know that something has to shift”

Welcome to episode 25 of The Femme Podcast!

Our energy leads in the Femme world. We listen to the pings from deep within us, follow their guidance, and trust that it will take us to the next level of our desires. Sometimes this means that we makebig decisions - and fast.

“The world opens up when you stop keeping score” 

Welcome to episode 24 of The Femme Podcast!

Making space to bring our whole selves to our work fundamentally changed Femme, and in the most incredible way. Our business exploded when we stopped keeping score. We stopped questioning. We stopped resenting. And we began thriving in harmony with each other’s incredible gifts. 

“Your inner landscape creates your outer reality” 

Welcome to episode 23 of The Femme Podcast!

Today we are so excited to be joined by coach Michelle Goodman ofMy Empowered Bliss for this expansive conversation about leadership and sisterhood.