The Femme Podcast

Each transition is a wave in the ocean. An inevitable change that cannot be stopped. 

You are here to evolve, expand and grow…and that wave of transition is carrying you to the next version of Self that awaits.

Welcome it. Move with it. Allow it wash over you…

Rebel woman, get ready to throw out your pro/con list, there’s a new deciding factor in town 💃🏼

In the Femme world, we make a lot of bold decisions on the regular.

Femme is being called to uplevel. 

Uplevel in a way that stretches beyond the coaching industry, so that every woman can learn to embody the Femme way of wealth, power + pleasure. 

“Move as your million dollar woman”

Do you yearn to experience wealth beyond your wildest imagination?

Then you must align with your million dollar self.

“A woman in her power chooses pleasure.”

Do you struggle to experience pleasure in your life? 

Just open your eyes, rebel woman, and take a look around. Because pleasure exists everywhere. 

Within Limitless you will access the expansive  potential that lives inside of you. And this journey begins today with harnessing your power.

Welcome to episode 115 of The Femme Podcast!

No matter where we are on your path,we all go through transitions. And we’d like to invite you behind the scenes into ours. 

“How good are you willing to let life get?”

Welcome to episode 114 of The Femme Podcast!

Genevieve is on a mission to shift your money paradigm so that financial liberation feels sexy, flirty and fun. She wants you to know that money does not hold the power. You do. And as soon as you stand confidently in that truth, money will respond in a big way.

“You are worthy now.”

Welcome to episode 113 of The Femme Podcast!

Each of us have pieces of ourselves that don’t cleanly fit into our future vision. Yet, they do not need to be banished. What if you could integrate them in a loving way so that you can realize your vision now?

“Money in the Hands of women sets us all free”

Welcome to episode 112 of The Femme Podcast!

This week we are joined by the magical and mysterious creator of the $50+ million dollar brand Alpha Femme, Melanie Ann Layer. Get ready to be transformed, because in Outspoken Melanie will show you the possibilities that await you in the realm of quantum potentiality.

“Can you believe in the thing you have decided more than you believe in the doubt?”

Welcome to episode 111 of The Femme Podcast!

Wild woman, what are you ready to declare? What are you ready to call into your liferight nowMake the declaration, hold its energy, and trust deep within that The Universe, God, Source, The Divine will respond to you. 

“The Queen decides to choose herself.”

Welcome to episode 110 of The Femme Podcast!

Get ready to embrace your feminine magic and rise as The Queen you are. Mel Wells will help guide your way. Mel is an author, coach, the creator of The Goddess Collective, and an upcoming speaker in Outspoken. She will challenge you to tap into your most divine expression, to cast your vision for a new world, and to guide others there with the confidence and grace of a regal leader.