The Femme Podcast

“We get to normalize self pleasure, and that’s fucking powerful” 

Welcome to episode 18 of The Femme Podcast

It’s time to embrace and revel in this truth: You have permission to be your own source of pleasure. Today, give yourself some space as you listen, because we’re getting vulnerable. We’ll share a bit about our own intimate journeys with self pleasure, we’ll guide you to find ways to tap into those desires in your own life. 

“Our minds can’t see what our soul knows.” 

Welcome to episode 17 of The Femme Podcast!

This week we are so excited to bring you a conversation between Jak and Emma Tynan. Emma is a soul and business coach, psychic, and channel who leads women to activate their gifts so that they can share them with the wider world. She is both our client and our mentor. Our co-creation with Emma has been so powerful and today you’re going to get a chance to tune into her magic. 

“Existing at 110% of yourself requires you to know that the universe is within you.’” 

Welcome to episode 16 of The Femme Podcast!

Do you see other women and think they have it all - the perfect relationship, the growing business, the amazing social media following - and find all the reasons why they’re ‘different’ from you? Do you perceive these differences as the reason why they have “it all” and you don’t? 

If you struggle with this, then this episode is for you. 

“When you move the universe moves with you.” 

Welcome to episode 15 of The Femme Podcast! 

During one of our recent Clubhouse hangs we were asked a question so juicy that we simply had to share our answer with you here today. Answering this question gets right to the heart of how we lead women. Moving beyond the limitations that you perceive in your mind is such an important step in the journey of discovering how you want to lead in your own life and business.

“Are you willing to look beyond the mirror and penetrate your soul?” 

Welcome to episode 14 of The Femme Podcast! 

It’s time to explore the question ‘who am I’ instead of trying to be who everyone else wants you to be. This work takes bravery, but making the choice to peel back the layers to expose your purest self is essential to deep personal growth. Listen up to hear Jak and Rob discuss what authentic expression means for you. 

“The more that we own who we are and stay rooted in our own truth - this is where the magic happens.” 

Welcome to episode 13 of The Femme Podcast! 

This weeks episode features an incredible Clubhouse conversation with powerhouse business women Stephanie Anne Hughson and Amy Elizabeth. This one is all about running a 7-figure coaching business with zero f*cks given!

“When you invest from a place of desire? This is where the quantum leaps happen.” 

Welcome to episode 12 of The Femme Podcast! 

Today we’re sharing 100k... a Different Way. 

Tune in now to learn strategy the Femme Way. This week, Jak & Rob are sharing the three important pillars that have allowed them to reach consecutive 6-figure months - in a way that feels amazing.

“Radical self leadership calls us to put down other people’s things and to harness our own magnitude and desires.”

Welcome to episode 11 of The Femme Podcast! 

In order to help begin that journey, we ask you this question: Who do you want to be when no one is watching? 

This question shifted the energy in the room when we asked it to the women currently inside of The Femme Power Principles. This question is an invitation. An invitation to examine who you currently are, and to chart a course for who you want to become. 

“It’s a choice I make day after day, moment after moment.” 

Welcome to episode 10 of The Femme Podcast! 

We all have these pivotal moments in our lives. We’ve all felt the call to make the choice to rise. What are your stories? Reflect on how far you’ve come. Because you have been on a beautiful journey to rise. Listen to Jak & Rob reflect on their journey.

“You don’t need to remind a flower to bloom. It’s going to bloom when it’s ready.” 

Welcome to episode 8 of The Femme Podcast! 

Maybe it’s the change of the seasons, but recently we found that many of our wild women find themselves feeling like they are caught in ‘the inbetween’. That space that exists between phases of our lives. Those moments where the past does not quite feel like the past, and the future feels yet to arrive. Listen to episode 9 now to hear what Jak and Rob have to say on this!

“We give our power away to the next version of ourselves that we haven’t even allowed ourselves to become yet.” 

Welcome to episode 8 of The Femme Podcast! 

Today we have something incredible in store for you. A few weeks back we spoke at the Courageously Confident Summit. This session felt so powerful that we simply had to share it with you! Listen to episode 8 now for a call for to stand in the next level of your power.

“If you’re moving sideways in your life are you actually choosing anything for yourself?” 

Welcome to episode 7 of The Femme Podcast! 

It can be so challenging to hold the energy for your vision when the going gets tough. In those moments you might lose sight of your vision, and with it, lose sight of the possibility and potential that your vision contains. Listen now to learn how intentional steps, guided by vision, are what will propel you forward.