The Femme Podcast

What will be available to you when you allow yourself to see that you are worthy of everything you want? 

This, Rebel Woman, is limitlessness.

Rebel woman, look within yourself. 

Do you feel your power? 

Today we sat down in Costa Rica, 

Where we’re hangin’ in the jungle together preparing for the Femme retreat, and well, living our dream, really ;) 

In this episode we’re sharing a huge evolution in each of our personal brands that we think may shock, surprise and, quite frankly, confuse most of you…

Rebel, adventure is the key to feeling alive.

Breaking down routines and allowing each day to look different is what allows life to emanate art.

As you are called to evolve, you must embody change at your core. 

It’s not enough to want something…

It’s certainly not enough to think about something…

You must absolutely become that which you want the most.

Rebel woman, throw away what you think you know about strategy, because in the Femme world, strategy isn’t rigid. It’s not constricted. It’s not a strict set of shoulds or rules…

Rebel woman, something exquisite awaits you. And while Rob may not be a fan of your typical “retreat”…the REBEL RETREAT is really something to experience for yourself.

We’re getting ready to shake it up in the jungle with up to 10 women (have you booked your room yet?), and here’s the thing…

Rebel. Your deepest evolution awaits you in a state of pure immersion. 

When you fully immerse yourself in an experience, that experience will become a part of the fabric of who you are.

Each transition is a wave in the ocean. An inevitable change that cannot be stopped. 

You are here to evolve, expand and grow…and that wave of transition is carrying you to the next version of Self that awaits.

Welcome it. Move with it. Allow it wash over you…

Rebel woman, get ready to throw out your pro/con list, there’s a new deciding factor in town 💃🏼

In the Femme world, we make a lot of bold decisions on the regular.

Femme is being called to uplevel. 

Uplevel in a way that stretches beyond the coaching industry, so that every woman can learn to embody the Femme way of wealth, power + pleasure.